Freon Documentation (version 0.5.0)

Source Code Documentation

The source code for the development of Freon is organised into the following packages.

  • docs: documentation, i.e. this website
  • packages/core: framework source code.
  • packages/core/src/editor: the editor framework source code.
  • packages/core/src/language/decorators: source code for MobX decorators that can be used to easily implement a language that can be directly used by Freon.
  • packages/meta: source code that reads the language definition files and generates the language environment.
  • packages/meta/src/languagedef: source code that generates code from a language structure definition (.ast) file.
  • packages/meta/src/editordef: source code that generates code from an editor definition (.edit) file.
  • packages/meta/src/scoperdef: source code that generates code from a scoper definition (.scope) file.
  • packages/meta/src/typerdef: source code that generates code from a typer definition (.type) file.
  • packages/meta/src/validatordef: source code that generates code from a validator definition (.valid) file.
  • packages/playground: source code generated from the language definition files.
  • packages/playground/src/webapp: a copy of packages/webapp, for use within the playground.
  • packages/playground/src/example/defs: the language definition files for the example language called ‘Example’.
  • packages/server: source code for a minimalistic model-server used for demonstration purposes.
  • packages/webapp: source code for the web-application used for all generated languages.
  • /*: the usual suspects.

In the future, this page will refer to the generated javadoc pages.