Freon Documentation (version 0.5.0)

Use of the Freon Generator

The Freon commandline tool generates code from the various definition files as described in A Language in Five Parts. If you type ‘freon’ in a (bash) terminal you will see an overview of the different arguments that can be used. For detailed help about a specific command, type: ‘freon <command> -h’.

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Figure 1. Screenshot of commandline options

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Incomplete code
Note that every command except *all*, used individually (i.e. without the other commands), generates code that does not compile correctly. For instance, both the scoper and validator might need to use the typer, therefore the code seeks to include the typer class, which might not be generated yet. Likewise, the editor seeks to include the scoper. The best way to go about is to first use the *all* command. Next, when you focus on one of the aspects of your language, you can use the specific command for that aspect. Thus, you can keep regeneration-time as short as possible.
Watch Option
There also is a `-watch` option to automatically run the *all* command when a definition file changes.