Freon Documentation (version 0.5.0)

Wish List for Future Developments

In the future we want to extend Freon with the following features. There is no order in this list, nor is there any guarantee that the features will be build. We take on a task at the moment the need for it arises (or, simply when we like doing it SMILE).

  • Support libraries for language development, like a library with definitions for different types of expressions.
  • Third level adaptability per concept for the scoper, the unparser, and the parser.
  • Create an interpreter generator. A beta version of an interpreter included. More documentation will follow.
  • Provide a coupling to a model-to-model generator.
  • Add an importer for Jetbrains MPS structure models. (We already have a prototype based on the MPS Analyser from Meinte Boersma.)
  • Improve the diagrammatic view of the language definition and make the generation customizable.

If you are using Freon, and are missing a specific feature, please let us know through info AT